Day camp 2020

Live a unique martial experience

For 15 years, we have been setting up a professional day camp allowing young people to catalyze their FULL POTENTIAL through the practice of Karate!

Under the supervision of renowned Renshi Larry Foisy and his team of experienced instructors, offer your child a personalized camp (outstanding instructor/student ratio). In our room equipped and dedicated to the professional practice of martial arts in downtown Sherbrooke.

We do SO much more than Karate!

Your children will live 5 weeks of unforgettable experience under the theme of the 5 animals: the tiger 🐅, the crane 🦅, the leopard 🐆, the snake 🐍 and the dragon 🐉.

Give your children the best:
: meditation, physical training and sports activities…
Cultural activities : museum, library, philosophical circle…
Recreational activities : cinema, O-volt, Laser Plus, climbing, gymnastics, swimming pool, Olympics…
Educational activities : martial allegory, food capsule, countering bullying...

Provide an environment conducive to your child's development that promotes respect and healthy lifestyles.

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