Maintenance kit (御刀手入具) deluxe for sword (iaito / katana)

Maintenance kit (御刀手入具) deluxe for sword (iaito / katana)

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Maintenance set (御刀手入具) essential for cleaning and maintaining your Japanese sword.

Each box contains:
✔️Uchiko powder (打粉): chalk ball (limestone powder)
✔️ Choji oil (御刀油): applied in a thin film, it protects against oxidation.
✔️A set of Nuguigami fabric
✔️ Mekuginuki: tools to help remove the Mekugi
✔️ Storage box

Instructions for cleaning your sword:
Step #1- use the Nuguigami cloth to remove the oil on the blade. From the guard ( Tsuba鍔) to the tip ( Kissaki切先), slide the cleaning cloth over the back of the blade ( Mune棟) folding it in half to wrap both sides of the blade.
Slightly squeeze the fabric between the thumb and forefinger to encircle the blade from above

Step #2 Once the old oil has been removed, use the uchiko (打粉) and tap lightly along the blade.

Step #3 Use the cloth to lightly buff the blade and remove the powder, in the same direction as the first step.

Step #4 Apply the oil along and on each side of the blade with the second Nuguigami cloth. The oil should be spread thinly and evenly without excess.

Be sure not to touch the blade before replacing the blade in its sheath ( saya鞘).

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