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20 martial Kyokun's (precepts) of master Funakoshi

  1. Rei at the beginning, rei at the end.
  2. There is no first attack in karate.
  3. Karate is at the service of fairness.
  4. First to know yourself, to know others.
  5. The intention is more important than the gesture.
  6. The mind must be free.
  7. Calamity is the daughter of non-vigilance.
  8. “Karatetize” everything.
  9. Karate training is a lifelong pursuit.
  10. The Way of Karate is found in everything.
  11. Like boiling water, karate loses its ardor if it is not sustained by a flame.
  12. Don't be obsessed with winning; rather think about not losing.
  13. Adjust your position according to the opponent.
  14. The art of combat depends on your way of managing the solids and voids (strengths and weaknesses).
  15. Think of the opponent's hands and feet as swords.
  16. Step out of your house and a million enemies are waiting for you.
  17. Kamae for beginners, natural posture for seniors.
  18. In kata, seek perfection; the actual combat is another matter.
  19. Know how to distinguish the hard from the soft, the contraction of the extension of the body and know how to modulate the speed of execution of your techniques.
  20. You who walk the Way, never let your mind wander, be diligent and skilful, always remain creative.

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