What is Koshiki?

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Koshiki (representing the word "hard") is a form of Bogu Jutsu , training with armor, using a breastplate ( do ) and a helmet ( men ). This armor was ancestrally a Kendo armor, but as the visor with mesh and the body protector being extremely hard, then the equipment was improved giving way to the super safe anzen-bogu .


Among all forms of combat, Koshiki stands out for its philosophy based on the protection of the one who receives the blows rather than the one who gives the blows (example boxing). From this, a combat system, Shiaï , full safe contact results where you get points when you deliver blows with a sufficient level of effectiveness while remaining safe (non-contact in unprotected areas). In addition, the system makes it possible to bring the fighter to the ground.

The Koshiki is present in different countries and given the reality of each country and lineages, the regulations differ slightly. Being a regulatory system, it turns out to be a unifying form of combat since it is independent of the kind of karate or martial arts practiced. It is not uncommon to see a karateka face a taekwondo-ka as an example.

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